STP&I is certified by international institution for the fabrication of its fabricated products and the safety award for guarantee in security of operating the project.

ISO 9001 : 2008 - The Manufacture of Structural Steel and Piping Work (Excluding Design)

STP&I has been certified by AJA EQS for the steel and pipe fabrication products. The ISO 9001 was first awarded in 1997 and has been renewed continuously.

STP&I applied the ISO 9001 as the basis of its Quality Management System (QMS) and has developed its basic quality plans along the indication of ISO 9000. This basic plan is accommodated for each client depends on the specific project requirements.

ISO 3834-2 : Welding Quality Assurance

STP&I Sriracha Pipe Shop has been certified by Inspecta for welding of tubes to ensure the quality of welded products and welding operations.

JSA Grade H

STP&I has been certified by Japan Steel Constructor Association for the fabrication of steel products. This certificate is mainly used for export the products to Japan by the Chonburi Workshop. This award is hardly certified for fabricators outside Japan, therefore this is a warranty for the quality of fabrication produced by this facility.

STP&I place great importance on health and safety in all respects of its business both in office environment and fabrication shop. Safety management is a part of the ISO 9001 Quality management System and a detail safety plan is developed for fabrication and site activities. This safety plan is commitment which follows the STP&I's safety objectives and HSE policy.

STP&I HSE Policy